At Pool Guard of Volusia we recognize that not every homeowner wants a removable pool fence. Some homes are built with the sole purpose of having an amazing view and some owners do not want that obstructed with anything for any reason. Pool Guard pool fences are very transparent however they are not invisible hence the option of a pool safety net.

Can you still have safety without any obstruction of your view? The answer is yes. Pool Guard of Volusia offers more than one option for your pool safety needs.

A second option (second only to pool safety fences) for pool safety that homeowners seek is a pool safety net. A pool safety net is a large net that is placed over the top of the pool that is held in place with anchors in the pool safety deck. The net is tightened with an industry unique pulley system that increases the tension in the middle of the pool safety net  resulting in tightening of the pool safety net for a “piano string tight” net across the pool. All Pool Guard pool safety nets meet the required  ASTM 1346-91 standards as set forth by ASTM.

Is your swimming pool unique in shape? Is your pool a shape that perhaps will not accommodate a pool safety fence  due to various landscaping or permanent obstructions ? A Pool Guard pool safety net is a very accommodating option. Pool Guard pool safety nets can be installed in areas where it may be a challenge for pool safety fences such as raised walls, pools with spas that do not have space around them for a removable pool fence or landscape cannot accommodate the proper footers for securing the removable pool safety fence properly.

Pool Guard pool safety nets use industry superior components available on the market including Barton pulleys for the CTS (Central Tensioning System). The significance of using such a high grade pulley system is safety and reliability. These marine grade pulleys are used on many world class sailboats and have global recognition for safety and reliability. Each Pool Guard pool safety net is completed with what is commonly referred to as a “finish rope”. The importance of this 5/16” marine grade finish rope is that the rope is wrapped around the border of the entire mesh and then stainless steel hog rings that are used to hold it in place. This insures a tight fit resulting in a tight net and a tight net is a safe net.

The difference in any safety product truly comes down to the components used and the professional installation. Pool Guard of Volusia has years of installation experience and Pool Guard Manufacturing has been in the pool safety business for over 25 years.


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