Pool safety covers were invented in 1957. The challenge is that not all pool covers are pool safety covers. Covers with water bags on the borders or bricks do not qualify as a pool safety cover as they present two main issues. The first Issue is that the water from rain collects on top of the material resulting in a “puddle on top of a pool” resulting in a drowning hazard. The second unsafe component of this type of pool cover is the fact that if a child or family pet were to fall into the tarp, the material would wrap around them. This type of covers is not recommended for any pool and most local inspectors will tell you the same thing. These non-pool safety covers are simply unsafe and are do not help to keep your pool clean either.

Pool Guard of Volusia Florida only offers pool safety products that meet and or exceed their respective ASTM requirements in their pool safety product portfolio. Pool safety covers offered by Pool Guard of Volusia meet or exceed ASTM F 1346-91 standards . Pool Guard of Volusia offers three types of pool safety covers ranging in price and necessity to accommodate your pool safety needs as well as how much you use your pool.

There are several factors a homeowner must consider when selecting what type of pool safety cover best suits their needs for their pool. Do you plan on closing your pool for extended periods of time (3 months or more)? How much maintenance are you planning to have done when your pool is closed (weekly chemicals added, monthly chemicals added)? Do you have a specific color preference for your pool safety cover?  These questions will help guide you towards your ideal pool safety cover material.

Why choose Pool Guard of Volusia Florida for your pool safety cover resource? Pool Guard of Volusia has installed more than 200  pool safety covers ranging from a simple rectangle covers to a complex swimming pool that has two islands and in the middle and a grotto. Pool Guard of Volusia has the measuring and installation experience needed to cover any pool with a pool safety cover.

We have provided you with some frequently asked questions that may help provide some insight on pool safety covers offered by Pool Guard of Naples, Flordia:


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Frequently asked questions:

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